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European Journal of Dermatology


Assessment of itch and sensory characteristics in patients with hand eczema Volume 27, numéro 4, July-August 2017


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1 Department of Dermatology,
School of Medicine, Pusan National University,
Busan, Republic of Korea
2 Department of Dermatology,
Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital,
Yangsan, Republic of Korea
3 Department of Dermatology,
Busan St. Mary's hospital, Busan,
Republic of Korea
4 Biomedical Research Institute,
Pusan National University Hospital,
Busan, Republic of Korea

Hand eczema (HE) is one of the most common skin diseases that causes unpleasant symptoms such as itch. We investigated itch characteristics of HE and their association with cutaneous sensory innervation. HE was classified as suggested in a previous study [1]. Disease severity was evaluated by using the hand eczema severity index (HECSI) [2]. The range of this index is 0-360 (0 corresponds to no eczema and 360 equals the most severe form). Itch characteristics were assessed with a questionnaire. A [...]