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European Journal of Dermatology


Amber necklaces: reasons for use and awareness of risk associated with bacterial colonisation Volume 26, numéro 6, November-December 2016


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1 University François Rabelais Tours,
2 CHRU Tours, Department of Dermatology, Unit of Paediatric Dermatology,
3 CHRU Tours, Department of Bacteriology-Virology-Hygiene, Unit of Bacteriology,
4 CHRU Tours, Clinical Investigation Center - INSERM 1415,37044 Tours Cedex 9, FranceAccepted: 29-5-2016
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Parents are increasingly placing amber necklaces on their infants or toddlers to prevent teething pain. The use of the necklaces can pose a risk of death by strangulation, however, there are no data on the potential infectious risk linked to bacterial colonisation associated with the necklaces.