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European Cytokine Network

European Cytokine Network

Volume 8, numéro 3, September 1997


Volume 8, numéro 3, September 1997


En accès libre Natural killer T cells: a potent cytokine-producing cell population (p.229-37)
M.C. Leite-de-Moraes and M. Dy

En accès libre Quantification of cytokine transcripts using polymerase chain reaction (p.239-44)
S. Delassus

Articles originaux

En accès libre Hepatocyte-derived cell lines express a functional receptor for cardiotrophin-1 (p.245-52)
O . Robledo, C. Guillet, S. Chavalier, M. Fourcin, J. Froger, A. Pouplard-Barthelaix, D. Pennica and H. Gascan

En accès libre Tumor necrosis factor production capacity as a potentially useful parameter to monitor disease activity in multiple sclerosis (p.253-7)
M. Chofflon, S. Roth, C. Juillard, A.M. Paunier, P. Juillard, D. Degroote and G.E. Grau

En accès libre Regression of Morris hepatoma in response to intralesional treatment with tumor necrosis factor muteins (p.259-63)
S. Terlikowski, S. Sulkowski and H. F. Nowak

En accès libre Gene transfer-mediated expression of physiological numbers of the type II decoy receptor in a myelomonocytic cellular context dampens the response to interleukin-1 (p.265-9)
G . Pentón-Rol, N. Polentarutti, M. Sironi, S. Saccani, M. Introna, A. Mantovani

En accès libre Expression of monocyte chemotactic protein-3 in human monocytes and endothelial cells (p.271-4)
N . Polentarutti, M . I n t rona, S. Sozzani, R. Mancinelli, G. Mantovani, A. Mantovani

En accès libre Host’s immune response in electrotherapy of murine tumors by direct current (p.275-9)
D. Miklav[ci[c, D. An, J. Belehradek and L.M. Mir

En accès libre Circulating interleukin-6 type cytokines in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (p.281-6)
E . Robak, A. Sysa-Jedrze-jowska, H. Stepieen and T. Robak

Compte rendu de congrès

En accès libre Cytokines: a pharmacologically-oriented introduction (p.289-90)
P. Ghezzi

En accès libre Clinical pharmacology of cytokines (p.291-3)
B. Rouveix

En accès libre Blocking interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor in disease (p.294-6)
C.A. Dinarello

En accès libre Anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. Mechanism of action (p.297-300)
M . Feldmann, F. Brennan, E. Paleolog, P. Taylor, R.N. Maini

En accès libre Interleukin-10 as an anti-stress cytokine (p.301-2)
M. Goldmann, P. Stordeur

En accès libre Clinical development of interleukin-10 (p.303-4)
A. Lebeaut, J.-J. Garaud

En accès libre Biological properties and therapeutic applications of interleukin-12 (p.305-7)
G. Trinchieri

En accès libre Erythropoietin: from molecular biology to clinical use (p.308-10)
C. Lacombe

En accès libre Thrombopoietin (Mpl ligand) and the regulation of platelet production (p.311-4)
K. Cohen-Solal, N. Debili, W. Vainchenker, F. Wendling

En accès libre Immunointervention based on Th2-type cytokines in HIV infection (p.315-6)
P. Galanaud, R. Fior, F. Boue, D. Émilie

En accès libre Cytokines in severe infections: from pathophysiology to clinical applications (p.317-8)
M.P. Glauser

En accès libre Interferon alpha in hepatitis C: a cytokine for reducing fibrosis progression (p.319-20)
T. Poynard

En accès libre Cytokines as prognostic and therapeutic tools in human cancer (p.321-2)
W.H. Fridman, A. Berger, P.H. Cugnenc, E. Tartour

En accès libre GP130 cytokines, interferon, survival and proliferation of human myeloma cells (p.323)
B. Klein

En accès libre The dream of effective cytokine-based tumor vaccines (p.324-5)
G. Forni, K. Boggio, M. Giovarelli, F. Cavallo