John Libbey Eurotext

Bulletin du Cancer


Modulation of Growth Factor response in brain tumors by complex carbohydrates Volume 91, numéro 4, Avril 2004

Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Program, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES
  • Page(s) : 10015-60
  • Année de parution : 2004

It is well established that growth factors and their receptors are overexpressed in brain tumors and play a key role in tumor cell proliferation. Glycoconjugate molecules expressed at the plasma membrane of mammalian cells have been also reported to be associated with tumor progression. Growth factor receptors and glycoconjugate molecules are able to interact with each other and this interaction usually results in modulation of growth factor receptor-mediated signaling and the biological function of the cell. This review addresses the expression of both growth factor receptors and glycoconjugates molecules in the brain and brain tumors. The mechanism by which these two entities interact with each other and the consequences of their interaction on the biological function of tumor cell are also discussed. Glycoconjugate molecules seems to act more specifically on growth factor receptor signaling pathways than most of tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The use of glycoconjugates or their derivatives may represent a new approach to modulate the proliferative behavior of tumors that overexpress growth factor receptors such as brain tumors. Copyright John Libbey Eurotext 2003.