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Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine - volume 9

Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine - volume 9

Maria Carmen Alpoim

Collection : Metal Ions
570 pages
Publié en : Anglais
Spécialité : Pharmacologie  

Papier 112.00 €
ISBN : 2-7420-0629-X

9th International Congress on Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine, Lisboa, may 21-24, 2006.
Every two years, the world’s leading specialists meet exchange information on the most recent advances in understanding metals and the part they play in treating diseases.
This book aims to help advance our knowledge of the role of metal ions in a number of fields in Biology and Medicine.
I- Metal-based drugs
II- Analytical Methods
III- Molecular studies
IV- Soils and plants
V- Microorganisms
VI- Cell studies
VII- Experimental studies
VIII- Ecological studies
IX- Nutrition
X- Reviews
XI- Human studies

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