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Real-time PCR quantification, TaqMan and virological applications Volume 5, issue 6, Novembre - Décembre 2001


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Laboratoire de virologie, CHRU Dupuytren, 2, avenue Martin-Luther-King, 87042 Limoges Cedex

Quantification by real time PCR is widely used for the detection of viral genomes. It allows to estimate the concentration of a particular DNA or RNA target relative to a standard. Several methods have been developed like Sybr Green, hybridization assay, and beacon probes but the mostly used is the TaqMan. This method has been developed for all of the human herpesviruses and for HBV, HCV, TTV, HPV, HTLV, HIV1 and 2, enteroviruses, BK virus, influenza A and B virus and for the dengue virus. It is widely spread for the quantification of the viral load in research but despite it's price and thanks to its many advantages, this technology is certainly going to be employed more and more in clinical diagnostics in laboratories. Moreover, the other quantification methods are being developed and allow their use in many domains of the biology.