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Les rôles de la protéine codée par le cadre de lecture ouvert 73 (ORF73) dans la latence des rhadinovirus Volume 15, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2011


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Université de Liège, faculté de médecine vétérinaire B43b, département des maladies infectieuses et parasitaires, immunologie-vaccinologie, boulevard de Colonster, 20, 4000 Liège, Belgique

The expression product of the ORF73 (pORF73) is a protein essential for latency of rhadinoviruses, a viral genus related to the Gammaherpesvirinae. pORF73 mediates the tethering of the viral genomes to cellular chromosomes enabling transmission of viral episome to daughter cells. Moreover, pORF73 modulates viral and cellular processes to generate an environment favourable to latency. The goal of this review is to summarize the knowledge available to date on pORF73. This review will focus on the prototype pORF73 encoded by Human Herpes Virus 8 (HHV-8) but also on the orthologues that have been studied so far. It highlights the diversity of pORF73 orthologue functions in the latency of rhadinoviruses.