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Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Straddling the crossroads where many disciplines meet, STV takes a new look at vascular and thrombotic diseases and provides every reader with an essential supplement to his or her speciality.
STV, which brings together the most up-to-date concepts in biology and clinical subjects, plays a special role in training and informing practitioners in all the relevant fields.
The online version of Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux is available. All articles published since 1997 can now be accessed online. Recent articles are available by pay per view or by subscription while older ones have free access.


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Toothpicks-related cardiovascular pathology
Bernard Carcone, Jean-Marc Pernès
Online since 15/04/2019

Compression therapy in legs ulcers treatment
Philippe Leger, Fannie Forgues, Caroline Faivre Carrère
Online since 15/04/2019

Trucs et astuces en endovasculaire

Iliac artery stent fracture complicated by pseudoaneurysm treated by covered endoprosthesis
Dionyssis Pongas, Laurent Arrault, Jean-Marc Pernès
Online since 27/10/2018

Endovascular treatment of bleeding from gastroduodenal ulcer
Julien Cazejust, Romain Pommier, Mario Auguste, Jean-Marc Pernès
Online since 15/04/2019


Bon usage du médicament
Haute Autorité de santé
Online since 27/10/2018

Arrêt sur image

Radial artery section following a high voltage electrical injury
Driss Tahsse, Aicha Berrada, Ikram Kouzmane, Abdellatif Bourhroum, Nawfal Houari, Nabil Kanjaa
Online since 19/04/2019

Subclavian artery pseudoaneurism due to swallowed fishbone: a neurological presentation
Maëlle Dade, Olivia Fouque, Anne-Sophie Voarick, Peggy Reiner
Online since 19/04/2019

Cas clinique

Takayasu's arteritis revealed by hypertension in 50 year-old patient
Achraf Zaimi, Badr Slioui
Online since 19/04/2019

Duplex guided angioplasty of superficial femoral artery
Adam Bouchareb, Justine Mougin, Bruno Pochulu, Dorian Verscheure, Bénédicte Fadel, Delphine Macret, J. Bendavid, Dominique Fabre, Stephan Haulon
Online since 19/04/2019