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Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Volume 24, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013

Addressing farming challenges in semi-arid zones/Surmonter les défis de l’agriculture en zones sèches


Volume 24, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013


En accès libre 1990-2014 : la mission inachevée ! (p.248-9)
André Kergreis

Introductory Article

En accès libre The future of dryland cereals and legumes for the smallholder farmer in the semi-arid tropics (p.250-1)
Vincent Vadez, Jérôme Bossuet

Article introductif

En accès libre L’avenir des céréales et des légumineuses pour la petite agriculture dans les zones tropicales semi-arides (p.252-3)
Vincent Vadez, Jérôme Bossuet

Research Article

En accès libre Is crop breeding the first step to fill the yield gap? (p.254-60)
Philippe Monneveux, Oscar Ortiz, Othmane Merah

En accès libre Pest and diseases: Old and new threats – Modern breeding tools to tailor new crop cultivars (p.261-73)
Pawan Khera, Manish K. Pandey, Rajeev K. Varshney

En accès libre Coping with drought: Resilience versus risk. Targeting the most suitable G*E*M options by crop simulation modeling (p.274-81)
Vincent Vadez, Jana Kholova

En accès libre Coping with climate variability and change in research for development targeting West Africa: Need for paradigm changes (p.294-303)
Ludger Herrmann, Bettina Irmgard Gabriela Haussmann, Tom van Mourik, Pierre Sibiry Traoré, Hannatou Moussa Oumarou, Kalifa Traoré, Mahama Ouedraogo, Jesse Naab

En accès libre Agricultural innovations in small-scale farming systems of Sudano-Sahelian West Africa: Some prerequisites for success (p.322-9)
Andreas Buerkert, Eva Schlecht

En accès libre Biomass in crop-livestock systems in the context of the livestock revolution (p.330-9)
Michael Blümmel, Sabine Homann-Kee Tui, Diego Valbuena, Alan J. Duncan, Mario Herrero

En accès libre Coupling technology with traditional knowledge and local institutions to deal with change in rural households: A focus on the semi-arid tropics (p.340-9)
Victoria Reyes-García, Matthieu Salpeteur, Laura Calvet-Mir, Tarik Serrano-Tovar, Erik Gómez-Baggethun

En accès libre Modeling and participatory farmer-led approaches to food security in a changing world: A case study from Malawi (p.350-8)
Sieglinde Snapp, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Alex Smith, Mary Ollenburger, Wezi Mhango, Lizzie Shumba, Tinkani Gondwe, George Kanyama-Phiri

En accès libre Involving women in research for economic growth through agricultural technologies and practices: ICRISAT's initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa (p.359-66)
Hakeem A. Ajeigbe, Chanda Gurung Goodrich, Bonny R. Ntare, Eva Weltzien, Jupiter Ndjeunga

En accès libre Role of public-private partnership in the development of semi-arid tropics value chains (p.367-73)
Kiran Sharma, Selvaraj Aravazhi, Somasundaram Karuppanchetty, Saikat Dattamazumdar

En accès libre Evaluating technologies for agricultural development: How to capture the true impact? (p.374-84)
Camille Boudot, André Butler, Nikhil Dugal

Article de recherche

En accès libre Evolution of agro-climatic risks related to the recent trends of the rainfall regime over the Sudano-Sahelian region of West Africa (p.282-93)
Agali Alhassane, Seyni Salack, Mohamed Ly, Issaka Lona, Seydou B Traoré, Benoît Sarr

En accès libre The advantages of seasonal forecasting for West African agriculture (p.304-13)
Benjamin Sultan, Philippe Roudier, Philippe Quirion

En accès libre Relying on the numerous advantages of grain legumes for more productive and nutritive agriculture in the semi-arid tropics (p.314-21)
Jérôme Bossuet, Vincent Vadez