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SIG et gestion locale des ressources forestières : le bois de feu au Mali Volume 6, issue 3, Septembre 1995

Programme de développement des ressources minérales, Bamako, Mali, Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forêts, Bamako, Mali, Orstom, BP 2528, Bamako, Mali
  • Page(s) : 289-93
  • Published in: 1995

In Mali, as in all Sahelian and Sudano-Sahelian countries, the public authorities pay great attention to management of natural woodland, and are often willing to try out new analytical instruments. In this paper, we present certain aspects of a geographical information system (GIS) devised on a modest scale on a reserve in the south of the country. The aim was to obtain measurements of potential firewood supplies based on simulations of consumption. Among the results derived from map comparisons, one of great interest was the large amount of spontaneous regrowth that occurred, despite drought in the protected area.