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Review of climate indices used in agricultural index insurance systems in Africa Volume 23, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2012

Centre régional Agrhymet Département formation et recherche BP 11011 Niamey Niger, Planet Garantee BP 16970 Dakar Sénégal

Among human activities, agriculture remains the sector the most affected by the climate and its variations. However, the intensification and frequency of extreme events due to climate change will have increasing adverse effects on agricultural production and rural incomes. In this context, climate crop insurance is increasingly considered to be a tool for adaptation to climate change. In order to compensate farmers for crop losses due to climatic risk, assessment of the damage may be done indirectly through indicators called climate indices. Threshold values of these indices are used to trigger the compensation of affected farmers. This paper is a synthesis of climate indices based on rainfall, water balance and vegetation index used or which may be used in agricultural indices insurances systems. It also presents their strengths and their weaknesses.