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Rangeland production in Afghanistan Volume 17, issue 1, Janvier-Juin 2006

Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, Austin Texas 78712, USA
  • Key words: Afghanistan, rangelands, war, drought, pastoralism, arid zone, agroforestry
  • Page(s) : 200-2
  • Published in: 2006

Decades of armed conflict and a severe, prolonged drought have seriously impaired Afghanistan’s livestock economy. These disruptions have caused important changes in ownership and distribution of livestock in the country as well as in modes of production. What was predominantly a pastoral nomadic livestock production system prior to 1978 is now largely a sedentary agro-pastoral production system. Although rangeland resources have been severely taxed by both war and drought, there is some evidence that permanent damage may have been avoided. One of the most serious challenges facing the current Administration is how to keep the pastoral nomadic sector functioning, an important task given that only this mode of production can successfully exploit the large areas of arid rangeland in Afghanistan.