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Modelling of reservoir sedimentation: The example of the Es-Saada reservoir (Basin of Mina, Algeria) Volume 23, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2012


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Université des sciences et de la technologie d’Oran Département d’hydraulique BP 1505 El Mnaouar 31000 Oran Algérie

The intensity and gravity of the reservoir sédimentation problem in Algeria first sparked off interest of several researchers in the fifties. Within the optic of pragmatic solutions to the complex sédimentation phenomenon, this paper present the results of reservoir sédimentation modelling under Algerian hydroclimatic conditions, based on a simple one-dimensional model set up by Karaushev (1977). This methodological approach of siltation of the reservoir simulation has made it necessary to elaborate the SEDIM calculation code for the validity of the statistical models between water discharge and sediment discharge and for the simulation of the silting process. The results obtained by applying the model on the Es-Saada reservoir (Western Algeria) are acceptable and promising: The correlation coefficient between the annually and monthly water discharge and the sediment discharge vary between 0.90 and 0.94. The calculated siltation average error is estimated at around 5 % compared to the observed data (year 2000 bathymetry).