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Modelling stomatal resistance relative to stomata morphological and anatomical features, sunlight and water potential Volume 11, issue 1, Mars 2000


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  • Page(s) : 29-36
  • Published in: 2000

A model of stomatal resistance that combines biotic and abiotic factors is presented. The biotic factors considered are stomatal density, stomatal radius aperture and stomatal length diffusion, which varied according to species and cultivar. These abiotic parameters assess stomatal radius aperture. Equations of Monteith [23], Rose [21] and Parlange and Waggoner [19] were used to calculate stomatal resistance. Leaf water potential was measured a pressure-chamber psychrometer and a Peltier-effect psychrometer. Several measurement techniques were used to assess the reliability of the stomatal resistance model. This stomatal resistance model can be used only when some cultivar-specific parameters are also estimated. It could then be used without measuring morphological and anatomical features of stomata. Only stomatal resistance, water potential and short-wave radiation are required to deduce parameter coefficients for each cultivar.