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Effect of aerodynamic resistance on transpiration measurement using the energy balance equation Volume 11, issue 3, Septembre 2000


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Laboratoire d'agronomie, École supérieure d'horticulture, 40-42, Chott-Marièm-Sousse, Tunisie.
  • Page(s) : 195-200
  • Published in: 2000

This study was conducted on Ficus benjamina cv Golden king grown in pots in a glasshouse. Transpiration was automatically measured using automatic electrical scales connected to a data acquisition system, and also evaluated using the simplified energy balance equation. Net radiation, vegetation temperature, air temperature, heat flow in the soil and sensitive heat were automatically measured. Sensitive heat was also calculated using non-dimensional groups, which are used to determine aerodynamic resistance. The comparison between measured and calculated sensitive heat and measured and calculated latent heat showed that use of the equation developed by Kreith [2] or that of Fujii et al. [1] gave values close to those actually measured.