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Coping with climate variability and change in research for development targeting West Africa: Need for paradigm changes Volume 24, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013

Figure 1 Agro-climatic diagnostic charts for a Sahelian site in Niger (upper) and a Sudanian site in Burkina Faso (lower) with variables occurring during the three central CODE-WA project years (2008-2010). doy = Julian day; yellow line = long term reference period 1951 2009; green line = current reference period 1991-2009; red line = dry reference period 1971-1990; blue line = wet reference period 1951-1970.

Figure 2 Average grain yield of pearl millet (A) and cowpea (B) with and without wood ash microdosing (2g per pocket) on terrain types differentiated by farmers at the Sahelian site Warzou in Niger. Statistically significant differences at p=0.05 occur only between treatments for pearl millet yields on Jigawa terrain and between Jigawa and Jampali terrain types. The last group of bars corresponds to the average of the values for the three terrain types.

Figure 3 The Opposite Pyramid Approach taking pearl millet variety testing as an example.