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Agricultural innovations in small-scale farming systems of Sudano-Sahelian West Africa: Some prerequisites for success Volume 24, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013

Figure 1 Nigerien millet farmer practising traditional precision agriculture to effectively allocate manure and crop residues, scarce farm-internal soil amendments, to his field. Small insert: millet plant germinating from a cattle dropping on a bare laterite plateau.

Figure 2 Effects of microdosing in a farmer's field near Maradi (SE-Niger; Buerkert and Hiernaux, 1998).

Figure 3 Aerial view of the village of Banizoumbou (left) where farmers cultivate millet without external inputs and of Kara Bedji (right) where farmers used the microdosing technology (Buerkert and Hiernaux, 1998).

Figure 4 Typical Arenosol (left) for millet cultivation in rural subsistence agriculture and two Fluvisols (right) used for urban agriculture in Niger (particularly note the dark surface layer rich in organic carbon).