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The camel's adaptation to drought conditions Volume 13, issue 2, Juin 2002


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Département de pharmacie, de toxicologie et de biochimie, IAV Hassan II, BP 6202 Rabat Instituts, Rabat, Maroc.
  • Page(s) : 121-9
  • Published in: 2002

In extreme conditions, the camel shows exceptional qualities. The adaptation to drought is assumed through two main mechanisms: the reduction of water losses and the maintenance of homeostasis. The first mechanism includes the decrease of diuresis, the stopping of sweating, the decrease of basal metabolism and the change in body temperature. Homeostasis is maintained by the control of the changes in main minerals concentration (calcium, potassium) and by assuming a major excretion of metabolic wastes through a high concentration in urine and by decreasing the excretion of those parameters that need a lot of water (glucose, urea) for their elimination.