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A propos de la durée de la saison des pluies au Sénégal Volume 7, issue 1, Mars 1996

Centre de recherches de climatologie, Faculté des sciences Gabriel, 6, boulevard Gabriel, 21004 Dijon cedex, France
  • Page(s) : 7-15
  • Published in: 1996

In Senegal, the major agricultural work is done during the rainy season. This, however, varies considerably from one year to the next and from place to place. Its onset and duration must therefore be determined to allow the optimum sowing dates or periods to be decided on and the best spatial distribution of crops according to length of vegetative cycle to be assessed. This study shows the large spatial and temporal variability in the rainy season’s duration. The results showed there to be an 80% probability of the vegetative season beginning between June 24 and July 11 and lasting 110 to 146 days in the south and south-east of the country, and between August 2 and 21 and lasting 56 to 71 days in the north and north-east of the country. The results also show that along with the general decrease in rainfall since the sixties, there has been a distinct shortening of the useful agricultural season.