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Pediatry imaging in Abidjan Volume 13, issue 2, Avril 2003

Service de radiologie, CHU de Yopougon, 21 BP 632, Abidjan 21, Côte d’Ivoire <amngoanyahoo.fr>

The purpose of this study was to inventory the infrastructure and equipment available in Abidjan for paediatric radiology, identify the principal problems of radiological exploration of children and offer suggestions to improve it. Material and methods : We identified the functional radiological material and the practitioners working in radiological services from 1 July through 31 December 1997. We also examined the records of all paediatric examinations performed during a one-year period in Yopougon University Hospital. Results: The population of Abidjan was estimated (by the National Institute of Statistics) at 3,323,214 in 1998, including 1,208,924 children (36%). There were 31 radiologists, that is, 1 per 101,526 inhabitants, and 1 X-ray technician for 82,824 inhabitants. The equipment inventory revealed 1 ultrasound scan per 42,531 inhabitants, 1 standard imaging table per 112,403, 1 remote-control table per 242,000, 1 dental radiological system per 1,049,099, and 1 computed tomography system per 1,573,648. Children accounted for 17.4% (1836) of the 10,561 patients examined over one year at the teaching hospital, but there was no specific material for children’s examinations. Conclusion: Neither human resources nor functional equipment are available in adequate numbers. Radiological equipment appropriate for paediatric exploration must be a priority in the future.