Psychologie & NeuroPsychiatrie du vieillissement


Dépression du sujet âgé et affections organiques cérébrales Volume 2, supplement 1, Supplément, septembre 2004

Unité d’évaluation diagnostique et thérapeutique des troubles psycho‐comportementaux de la personne âgée, CH Sainte‐Anne, Paris gallarda@chsa.broca.inserm.fr

Depressive symptoms are observed in many organic brain diseases in the elderly, particularly in stroke, degenerative or vascular dementias and Parkinson’s disease. In many cases, an accurate estimation of the respective part of neurobiological abnormalities, adjustment disorders, disability and narcissistic wounds related to the disease appears very difficult for the practitioner. Specific data on the therapeutical aspects of secondary depressive disorders remains quite scarce. The efficacy of antidepressant drugs may be less important in geriatric depression with cerebral disorders or “secondary depressions” than in primary ones. Consequently, electroconvulsive‐therapy may appear as an interesting therapeutical option for these patients.