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L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 85, issue 2, Juin 2014


Volume 85, issue 2, Juin 2014

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Article How to push the limits in the transverse dimension? Facial asymmetry, palatal volume and tongue posture in children with unilateral posterior cross bite: a three-dimensional evaluation of early treatment (p.139-49)
Maja Ovsenik, Jasmina Primožič

Article Methodology for clinical research in Orthodontics, the assets of the beOrtho website (p.151-61)
Martial Ruiz, François Thibult

Article Comparative effectiveness of maxillomandibular advancement surgery versus mandibular advancement device for patients with moderate or severe obstructive sleep area (p.163-73)
Emilie Garreau, Thomas Wojcik, Julie Bouscaillou, Joël Ferri, Gwenaël Raoul

Article Surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion. An evaluation of different surgical techniques and their effect on maxillary dentoskeletal complex based on cone-beam computed tomography. Preliminary report (p.175-87)
Antonios Sygouros, Melih Motro, Faysal Ugurlu, Ahu Acar

Article Condylar hyperplasia: qualitative and quantitative study of temporomandibular joints remodeling after condylectomy (p.189-200)
Camille Rojare, Thomas Wojcik, Camille Coussens, Joël Ferri, Bruno Pertuzon, Gwénaël Raoul

Article Orthopedic treatment of dento-skeletal Class II by the association minivis + ForsusTM: a clinical case (p.201-15)
Pierre Pujol

Article traduit

Article Severe complication of a bonded mandibular lingual retainer (p.217-22)
Pawel Pazera, Piotr Fudalej, Christos Katsaros