L'Orthodontie Française


Traitements pluridisciplinaires de l'adulte dans les cas d'asymétrie Volume 73, issue 3, 75e réunion scientifique de la S.F.O.D.F. – L'asymétrie (2e partie)


Multidisciplinary treatments prove very useful to solve three types of clinical situations.

In the adult patient, facial esthetics are indicated in severe dentofacial asymmetries. Esthetic improvements of dental nature are still required in deviated smiles, or frontal tippings of the occlusal plane.

In addition, asymmetrical intermaxillary relationships will lead to functional anomalies: TMJ disorders, dental wear or lingual dysfonctions.

Finally, multidisciplinary treatments in the adult concern the occlusal transverse anomalies, the lateral crossbites, the Class II subdivisions, the deviations of the inter-incisor midlines or unilateral edentulousness.

The various plans of treatment, as well as the orthodontic mechanics used, are illustrated in the following development by clinical cases.