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A classification of cranio-facial syndroms Volume 82, issue 2, 83e réunion scientifique de la S.F.O.D.F. – Le traitement de l'adulte : l'orthodontie dans la lutte contre le vieillissement (2e partie)

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How to manage craniofacial malformative cases? It seems to be very difficult, especially in orthodontics because of the lack of consensus. The authors’ aim is to propose a physiopathologic classification of these craniofacial syndromes in order to simplify the medical practice when we meet these patients. More than fifty cases are actually treated and followed in our hospital; we have described all of these cases before to choose the most representative in each category. These syndromes are classified in four categories, organ abnormalities of one or many functional matrix, localized abnormalities of the anatomical structures, general abnormalities of the connective tissue, mixed syndromes.