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L'Orthodontie Française


Enamel cracks: influence of orthodontic process Volume 85, issue 3, Septembre 2014

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The presence of enamel cracks is not only due to the removal process. It is all the stages before that we need to consider. 1. The presence of risks factors before the treatment (cracks, trauma...) have to be explained to the patient and recorded. 2. The choice of bracket placement: the buccal side is responsible for less cracks than the lingual one. 3. Ceramic brackets need higher debonding forces than metal ones; metal reinforced orthodontic ceramic brackets could be an interesting approach. 4. CVIMR could be better than classic bonds. 5. In case of multiple rebondings, it is better not to etch enamel again but only to level the resin left on tooth surface. 6. Alternatives to removing brackets by pliers are studied, especially for the removal of ceramic brackets to thwart the high debonding force problem : heat, laser...