John Libbey Eurotext

L'Orthodontie Française


Croissance : les expériences naturelles de la pathologie Volume 71, issue 3, Septembre 2000


Many pathologies involve face. Among them, many have craniofacial growth consequences. The authors' aims are to analyze some of these pathologies, where clinical observations emphazise the role of the different craniofacial growth patterns.

Despite a complex relation between the malformative part and the deformative one, untreated observations provide a better understanding of some craniofacial growth defects.

Syndroms can be classified in 4 categories, involving the primitive causes of the clinical finding :

1. organic abnormalities of one or many fonctional matrix,

2. localized abnormalities of the anatomical structures,

3. general abnormalities of the conjonctive tissue,

4. mixed syndroms.

Many observations will presented.