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Dental complications during orthodontic preparation and orthognathic surgery Volume 89, issue 2, Juin 2018

1 Service de Chirurgie maxillo-faciale, Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph, 185 rue Raymond-Losserand, 75014Paris, France
2 Service de Chirurgie maxillo-faciale, Centre hospitalier Lyon-Sud, 165 chemin du Grand-Revoyet, 69495Pierre Bénite cedex, France
3 142 Avenue des Frères Lumière, 69008Lyon, France
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Introduction: Orthodontic-surgical treatment can present risks to the dental organ and the periodontium. Despite the low incidence of such cases, these complications can compromise a treatment plan. Practitioners should be aware of these potential complications, take them into account during treatment in order to reduce their negative impact and, if necessary, manage them by orthodontic-surgical collaboration. Materials and Methods: In this article, the authors present several potential complications that can occur during treatment. Conclusion: The information given to the patient about the risks inherent in the implementation of an orthodontic-surgical protocol must necessarily include the risks of lesion to the dental organ and the periodontium.