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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 27, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2017


Volume 27, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2017


En accès libre HIV: treatment catching-up is a priority in West and Central Africa (p.117-8)
P. Lepère, J.-M. Milleliri


En accès libre Women's health in Africa: a major issue in the new sustainable development goals (p.119-21)
T.A. Yatabary

Sur place

En accès libre Ethics of health research partnerships in Global South : PhD students in learning (p.122-5)
E. Barankanira, C. Desclaux Sall, E. Guichet, O. Ky-Zerbo, H.C. Nana Djeunga, N.F. Ngom Gueye, S. Servais, M. Varloteaux

History trop

En accès libre A medical enigma : what “gale chinoise (Chinese scabies)” meant 150 years ago (p.126-30)
B.-A. Gaüzere, P. Aubry

Geste sur le terrain

En accès libre Simulation training for emergency obstetric and neonatal care in Senegal preliminary results (p.131-4)
M. Gueye, P.M. Moreira, M.E. Faye-Dieme, M.D. Ndiaye-Gueye, O. Gassama, S.M. Kane-Gueye, A.A Diouf, M.M. Niang, M. Diadhiou, M. Diallo, Y.D. Dieng, O. Ndiaye, A. Diouf, J.C. Moreau


En accès libre Health support for the Raid of the Seven Stones : in the footsteps of Navy physician Jules Crevaux in French Guiana (p.135-43)
N. Barthes, J.-P. Boudsocq


En accès libre Paludisme : artésunate et sulfadoxine-pyriméthamine versus artémether-luméfantrine (p.144)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Cas de sparganose (p.144)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Fréquence de l’ascaridiose chez les enfants (p.145)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Diffusion de Fasciola hepatica (p.145)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Infection par Blastocystis (p.146)
P. Bourée

Le point sur

En accès libre Emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance in West Africa : contributing factors and threat assessment (p.147-54)
A.S. Ouedraogo, H. Jean Pierre, A.L. Bañuls, R. Ouédraogo, S. Godreuil

Articles originaux

Article Assessment of adherence to malaria chemoprophylaxis in a French Navy frigate deployed in Southeast Asia (p.155-9)
B. Nicolas, L. Papillault des Charbonnières, T. Vasseur, P. Mauclere

Article Monitoring survey after intervention on the organization of a public service in senegal (p.160-3)
A. Diaby, A.C. Gilboy

Article Private pharmacy staff in five main towns in Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mali: knowledge and practices concerning malaria care in 2014 (p.164-9)
H. Ganfon, T. Diallo, C. Nanga, N. Coulibaly, V. Benao, G. Ekanmian, A. Sandouidi, E. Daniel Garcia

Article Prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase phenotypes in enterobacteria isolated from blood cultures of patients at admission to the University Hospital of Bamako (p.170-5)
S.A. Sangaré, A.I. Maïga, A. Maïga, S. Diallo, N. Camara, S. Savadogo, I. Guindo, F. Bougoudogo, L. Armand-Lefèvre, A. Andremont, I.I. Maïga

Article Tetanus associated with road accidents in the infectious diseases department of Point G University Hospital, Bamako, Mali (p.176-81)
A.M. Traoré, I. Coulibaly, G. Dabo, H. Cissé, K. Diallo, A. Soukho-Kaya, M.D. Diango, T. Cissé, M. Dembélé, H.A. Traoré, E. Pichard, D.K. Minta

Article Open wounds of the Achilles tendon in tropical settings: 36 cases at the Donka University Hospital in Guinea Conakry (p.182-5)
L. Lamah, M. Diallo, J.B.D. Tékpa, M.L. Bah, K. Keita, S. Sidime, M.T. Soumah, I. Diallo

Article Depression and HIV: Epidemiological and clinical aspects at the Bamako University Hospital (Mali) (p.186-9)
J. Zoungrana, J.P. Dembélé, F.B. Sako, S. Siranyan, J. Traore, A. Sawadogo, A. Millogo, B. Coulibaly, S. Dao

Article Distal sensory polyneuropathy among HIV-infected patients at Parakou University Hospital, Benin, 2011 (p.190-4)
T.A. Adoukonou, P. Kouna-Ndouongo, A. Kpangon, D. Gnonlonfoun, B. Kpacha, A. Dovonou, D. Houinato

Article Risk factors for transmission of HIV from mother to child in Bangui (p.195-9)
S.C.H. Diemer, R.N. Ngbale, J.D.D. Longo, O. Bami Dienhot, C.E. Gaunefet

Article Integration of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission into maternal health services in Senegal (p.200-8)
C.T. Cisse, M.M. Niang, M. Thiam, A.A. Diouf, N.F. Wade, E.H.O. Faye, I. Maal, N.F. Ngom Faye, B. Dao, L. Toure Haidara, G. Hounkarin, R.X. Perrin

Article Profile of intestinal parasitosis among school-aged children in Kiliba (eastern DR Congo) (p.209-13)
C. Kyambikwa Bisangamo, P. Jabari Mutwa, P. Mulongo Mbarambara

Article Severe scorpion envenomation: pathophysiology and the role of inflammation in multiple organ failure (p.214-21)
M. Bahloul, K. Regaieg, I. Chabchoub, M. Kammoun, K. Chtara, M. Bouaziz

Communication courte

Article Inflammatory lumbar radiculalgia in Ouagadougou: posterior facet arthritis due to tuberculosis (p.222-4)
B.M.A. Tiemtoré-kambou, J. Tiendrébéogo-Zabsonre, I. Diallo, A. Gnoumou, D.D. Ouédraogo, R. Cissé