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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 23, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013


Volume 23, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013


Article Cooperation (p.357-8)
M. Gentilini


Article Meeting the Abuja and Millennium Development Goals: The State More Than Ever (p.359-63)
B. Boidin

En direct

Article The French 5% Initiative for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Review and Perspectives (p.364-6)
France Expertise Internationale, équipe « Initiative 5 % »

Article Results and ojectives of the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Debate organized by the Monde diplomatique and the Global Fund Paris, June 6 th 2013 (p.367-9)
M. Etchepare, M. Leloup


Article From national strategic plans to operational implementation: opportunities and risks (p.370-8)
M. Etchepare

History Trop

Article French naval physicians, surgeons, and pharmacists in the history of the thermal spas of Réunion (p.379-83)
B.A. Gauzëre, P. Aubry


Article Cysticercose buccale (p.384-5)
P. Bourée

Article Fréquence des avortements clandestins (p.384)
P. Bourée

Article La rage est encore trop fréquente (p.385)
P. Bourée

Article Le typhus des broussailles est fréquent (p.385-6)
P. Bourée

Article Paludisme en milieu rural (p.386-7)
P. Bourée

Article Leishmaniose cutanée : efficacité de l’antimoine sous-lésionnel (p.387-8)
P. Bourée

Quel est votre diagnostic ?

Article Atypical left ventricular hypertrophy revealing a rare cause of heart failure in a man from the Comoros Islands (p.390-3)
J. Cautela, P.-L. Massoure, N.-C. Roche, S. Taix, J.-M. Gil, L. Fourcade

Santé des voyageurs

Article VAPAGuide: medical website devoted to venomous animals (p.394-6)
S. Larréché, P. Le Garlantezec, C. Ficko, G. Mion, C. Rapp

Revue générale

Article Governance of tertiary referral hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a critical interpretive synthesis of the literature (p.397-402)
H. Karemere, J.B. Kahindo, N. Ribesse, J. Macq

Article original

Article Alternative medicine, beliefs, and management of people with HIV in Gabon (p.403-11)
W. Yaba, J.P. Chippaux, G.P. Obiang-Ndong, P. Msellati

Article White blood cells counts and parasite density in malaria in children aged 6 to 60 months in urban areas of Togo (p.412-6)
A.M. Dorkenoo, Y. Layibo, Y.M. Agbo, K. Morgah, D. Agbèrè

Article Feasibility and relevance of an operating room safety checklist for developing countries: Study in a French hospital in Djibouti (p.417-20)
A. Becret, P. Clapson, C. Andro, X. Chapelier, J. Gauthier, É. Kaiser

Article Integrated screening for HIV, syphilis, and toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in the Central African Republic (p.421-6)
E.P. Gamba, W.S. Nambei, L. Kamandji

Article Snake bites in children at the Fez University Hospital in Morocco (p.427-32)
M.A. Berdai, S. Labib, M. Harandou

Article Update on a neglected tropical disease from the routine health information system in Côte d’Ivoire: Yaws, 2001 to 2011 (p.433-8)
D.J.P. Konan, J. Aka, K.J. Yao, V. Kouassi-Gohou, K.E. Yao, H. Faye-Kette

Article Performance of users in tropical areas with the BI-RADS classification of breast lesions for predicting malignancy (p.439-44)
J.E. Gonsu Kamga, B. Moifo, Z. Sando, E. Guegang Goudjou, S. Nko’o Amvene, J. Gonsu Fotsin

Article Trends in the profile of infective endocarditis at a university hospital in Tunis (p.445-9)
R. Lakhdar, C. Chourabi, M. Drissa, H. Drissa

Article Mycobacterium ulcerans disease (Buruli ulcer) in Gabon: 2005-2011 (p.450-7)
L.S. Bayonne Manou, F. Portaels, M. Eddyani, A.U. Book, K. Vandelannoote, B.C. de Jong


Article Unrecognized juvenile dermatomyositis complicated by calcinosis universalis: a case report from Cameroon (p.458-61)
C.E. Mandengue, C. Nouedoui, P.J.A. Atangana


Article Social marketing to increase the rate of cataract surgery in the Sava region of Madagascar (p.462)
H.E. Nkumbe, N. Razafinimpanana, L.P. Rakotondrajoa

Lu pour vous

Article Plumes amérindiennes - Guyane Don du Dr Marcel Heckenroth (p.463)
Jean-Marie Milleliri


Article Erratum (p.463)