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L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Volume 93, issue 4, Avril 2017

Volume 93, issue 4, Avril 2017


Article Retrait social et repli à domicile chez l’adulte. Retraits pathologiques ? (p.271-3)
Nancy Pionnié-Dax

Retraits pathologiques (dossier coordonné par Nancy Pionné-Dax)

En accès libre Social withdrawal of the young: a polymorphic phenomenon and dominant psychopathological factors. What are the answers? (p.275-82)
Marie Jeanne Guedj Bourdiau

Article We want our son to get a move on! Interest of family therapy in adult withdrawal and the monitoring of the process of self-sufficiency (p.283-7)
Louise Boissel, Dominique Mathis

Article Research Report on Hikikomori. Summary of the results published in September 2016 by the Office of the Japanese Cabinet (p.289-96)
Yukiko Hamasaki, Nicolas Tajan, Nancy Pionnié-Dax

Article Refusal or withdrawal in adolescence: When action is non-action (p.297-301)
Nancy Pionnié-Dax

Article Withdrawal and aging (p.302-9)
Laurence Hugonot-Diener, Elodie Rossi, Faustine Guyon, Elisabeth Kruczek, Jacques Gauillard, Cécile Hanon

Question ouverte

Article “My family hurts” or a child takes drugs: family reconstruction and distortion of intra-family borders (p.310-6)
Léonard Nguimfack

Cas clinique

Article Interest of home visits among “recluses” who are screen addicts (p.317-22)
Gérard Shadili, Thibaut Pannetier

Mémoires vives

Article Psychiatrie et psychanalyse n° 8. Entretien avec Pierre Delion (p.323-42)
Roman Pétrouchine, Martin Reca

Questions en formation

Article Schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders: What are the links and differences? (p.343-7)
Dévi Grimm

Veille juridique

Article Décision ou prescription du psychiatre : quelles différences juridiques ? (p.349-50)
Éric Péchillon, Michel David


Article Analyse de livre. L’adolescent « fragile ». Peut-on prédire en psychiatrie ? de Laelia Benoit (p.351-2)
Alexandre Novo

Article Sélection de livres (p.353-4)


Article Agenda (p.355-8)