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Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement

Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du  Vieillissement

Volume 15, issue 4, Décembre 2017

Volume 15, issue 4, Décembre 2017

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Éditorial

Article The prescription at the elder person: a difficult art (p.344)
Gilles Berrut

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Synthèses

Article Pain in the elderly and cognition: state of play (p.345-56)
Rodrigue Deleens, Gisèle Pickering, Yacine Hadjiat

Article Relevance of G8 scale in referring elderly patients with aortic stenosis requiring a TAVI for a geriatric consultation (p.357-63)
Albane de Thézy, Aurélie Lafargue, Lydie d’Arailh, Marina Dijos, Lionel Leroux, Nathalie Salles, Muriel Rainfray

Article Inadequate drug prescribing: comparison of inappropriate drug rates at the end of a geriatric short-stay service with three prescribing tools (p.364-8)
Jean-Luc Fanon, Sandra Dechavigny, Moustapha Dramé, Lidvine Godaert

Gériatrie et gérontologie. Articles originaux

Article Decision making affecting care of older people with cancer: a comparison between general practitioners and oncologists in Lorraine (p.369-76)
Jean-Yves Niemier, Frédérique Claudot, Phi Linh Nguyen-Thi, Isabelle Klein, Hubert Rousselot, Christine Perret-Guillaume

Article Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in the elderly over 75 years old: a survey (p.377-82)
Coralie Labarias, Cédric Leguillou, Jean-François Bourgaux

Article Survey of the prescription of step-2 analgesics in persons aged 75 years and older in general practitioners (p.383-93)
Adrien Brocard, Sofia Da Silva, Maurice Giroud, Alain Putot, Patrick Manckoundia

En accès libre Impact of therapeutic education with a written document on treatments knowledge and adherence among elderly patients. Results of a pilot study (p.394-400)
Claire Vanhaecke Collard, Laetitia Michaut, Florian Caillierez, Daniel Parra, Marc Bonnefoy

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Éditorial

Article Éditorial (p.401)
Christian Derouesné

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Synthèses

Article Multiple sclerosis and aging (p.402-8)
Céline Louapre, Caroline Papeix, Catherine Lubetzki, Elisabeth Maillart

Article Difficulties in the management of elderly migrants (p.409-16)
Charlemagne Simplice Moukouta, Kossigan Kokou-Kpolou, Daniel Mbassa Menick, Hélène Deligne, Marianne Dailly, Fayek Soltani

Article Designing gardens for people with dementia: literature review and evidence-based design conceptual frame (p.417-24)
Kevin Charras, Véronique Laulier, Armelle Varcin, Jean-Pierre Aquino

Article Toward a clinic of temporality? (p.425-33)
Thérèse Rivasseau Jonveaux, Martine Batt, Alain Trognon

Article Cognitive profile in prodromal disease (dementia) with Lewy bodies (p.434-42)
Jennifer Kemp, Nathalie Philippi, Clélie Phillipps, Anne Botzung, Frédéric Blanc

En accès libre Autobiographical memory compromise in Alzheimer's disease: a cognitive and clinical overview (p.443-51)
Mohamad El Haj, Jean Roche, Karim Gallouj, Marie-Charlotte Gandolphe

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie. Agenda

Article Agenda (p.452)