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Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders

Volume 19, issue 1, March 2017

Volume 19, issue 1, March 2017

Seminar in Epileptology

En accès libre Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): what every neurologist should know (p.1-9)
Rohit Shankar, Elizabeth J. Donner, Brendan McLean, Lina Nashef, Torbjörn Tomson

Review article

En accès libre The insula lobe and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: a hypothesis (p.10-4)
Jia Li, Qianwen Ming, Weihong Lin

Original articles

Article Epileptic spasms in congenital disorders of glycosylation (p.15-23)
Andreia G. Pereira, Nadia Bahi-Buisson, Christine Barnerias, Nathalie Boddaert, Rima Nabbout, Pascale de Lonlay, Anna Kaminska, Monika Eisermann

Article Epileptic spasms in paediatric post-traumatic epilepsy at a tertiary referral centre (p.24-34)
Jun T. Park, Harry T. Chugani

Article Drug-resistant parietal lobe epilepsy: clinical manifestations and surgery outcome (p.35-9)
Marjan Asadollahi, Michael R. Sperling, Amin H. Rabiei, Ali A. Asadi-Pooya

Article Coregistration of multimodal imaging is associated with favourable two-year seizure outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery (p.40-8)
Michael Scott Perry, Laurie Bailey, Daniel Freedman, David Donahue, Saleem Malik, Hayden Head, Cynthia Keator, Angel Hernandez

Article Control groups in paediatric epilepsy research: do first-degree cousins show familial effects? (p.49-58)
Melissa Hanson, Blaise Morrison, Jana E. Jones, Daren C. Jackson, Dace Almane, Michael Seidenberg, Qianqian Zhao, Paul J. Rathouz, Bruce P. Hermann

Electroclinical reasoning report

En accès libre Temporal lobe epilepsy? Things are not always what they seem (p.59-66)
Irena Doležalová, Milan Brázdil, Philippe Kahane
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Clinical commentaries

Article GNAO1-associated epileptic encephalopathy and movement disorders: c.607G>A variant represents a probable mutation hotspot with a distinct phenotype (p.67-75)
Ravindra Arya, Christine Spaeth, Donald L. Gilbert, James L. Leach, Katherine D. Holland
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Article Ictus emeticus presenting as an unusual seizure type in chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (p.76-81)
Pi-Lien Hung, Li-Tung Huang, Shang-Yeong Kwan, Kai-Ping Chang, Hsin-Hung Chen, Yi-Yen Lee, Hueng-Chuen Fan, Chien Chen
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Article Managing Lafora body disease with vagal nerve stimulation (p.82-6)
Mohamad A. Mikati, Faysal Tabbara

Article Hemispheric polymicrogyria and neonatal seizures: a potentially life-threatening combination (p.87-93)
Paula M. Brna, A. Simon Harvey, Richard J. Leventer

Article Epilepsy with myoclonic atonic seizures and chronic cerebellar symptoms associated with antibodies against glutamate receptors N2B and D2 in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (p.94-8)
Ryuki Matsuura, Shin-ichiro Hamano, Satoru Ikemoto, Yuko Hirata, Kotoko Suzuki, Kenjiro Kikuchi, Yukitoshi Takahashi

Article Auditory seizures in autoimmune epilepsy: a case with anti-thyroid antibodies (p.99-103)
Claudia Varrasi, Domizia Vecchio, Luca Magistrelli, Gionata Strigaro, Laura Tassi, Roberto Cantello

Article Levetiracetam-induced thrombocytopenia in a patient with status epilepticus (p.104-8)
Jonguk Kim, Jung-Won Shin

Article Epileptic seizures, coma and EEG burst-suppression from suicidal bupropion intoxication (p.109-13)
Anna Hiro Noda, Ulrich Schu, Tanja Maier, Susanne Knake, Felix Rosenow

Letter to the editor

En accès libre Patience can be a virtue with deep brain stimulation of the anterior thalami: another case report (p.114-5)
Dominik Thuberg, Juergen Voges, Martin Holtkamp, Friedhelm C. Schmitt