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Epileptic Disorders

Epileptic Disorders

Volume 20, issue 5, October 2018


Volume 20, issue 5, October 2018

Review articles

En accès libre Epilepsy surgery for polymicrogyria: a challenge to be undertaken (p.319-38)
Louis Maillard, Georgia Ramantani
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En accès libre A web-based diagnostic reference centre for the European Reference Network “EpiCare”: recommendations of the eNeuropathology working group (p.339-45)
Konrad Kölble, J. Helen Cross, Albert Becker, Ingmar Blümcke
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Original articles

Article Investigation of paediatric occipital epilepsy using stereo-EEG reveals a better surgical outcome than in adults, especially when the supracalcarine area is affected (p.346-63)
Laura Craciun, Delphine Taussig, Sarah Ferrand-Sorbets, Eduardo Pasqualini, Arnaud Biraben, Olivier Delalande, Nathalie Dorison, Martine Fohlen, Georg Dorfmuller, Mathilde Chipaux

Article Patient satisfaction with epilepsy surgery: what is important to patients? (p.364-73)
Meaghan Lunney, Sandra Wahby, Khara M. Sauro, Mark J. Atkinson, Colin B. Josephson, Fady Girgis, Shaily Singh, Scott B. Patten, Nathalie Jetté, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Walter Hader, Samuel Wiebe

Article Why the TimeToStop trial failed to recruit: a survey on antiepileptic drug withdrawal after paediatric epilepsy surgery (p.374-85)
Herm J. Lamberink, Karin Geleijns, Willem M. Otte, Alexis Arzimanoglou, J. Helen Cross, Christian M. Korff, Georgia Ramantani, Kees P.J. Braun, on behalf of the TimeStop trial group

En accès libre Epilepsy for primary health care: a cost-effective Latin American E-learning initiative. A report from the Education Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy (p.386-95)
Jaime Carrizosa, Patricia Braga, Marly Albuquerque, Alicia Bogacz, Jorge Burneo, Ana C. Coan, Guilca Contreras, Laura Guilhoto, Álvaro Izquierdo, Lady Ladino, Katia Lin, Maria L. Manreza, Lilia Morales, Loreto Ríos, Rodrigo Solarte, Kette Valente, Viviana Venegas, Angélica Uscátegui-Daccarett, Elza M. Yacubian, on behalf of the Working Group EVELA (Epilepsy Virtual Education in Latin America) and the ILAE Education Commission
Open Access

Article Investigation of SLC2A1 gene variants in genetic generalized epilepsy patients with eyelid myoclonia (p.396-400)
Güneş Altıokka-Uzun, Özkan Özdemir, Sibel Uğur-İşeri, Nerses Bebek, Candan Gürses, Uğur Özbek, Betül Baykan

Article West syndrome, developmental and epileptic encephalopathy, and severe CNS disorder associated with WWOX mutations (p.401-12)
Qudsia Shaukat, Jozef Hertecant, Ayman W. El-Hattab, Bassam R. Ali, Jehan Suleiman

Clinical commentaries

Article Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy and peri-ictal hypotension in a patient with syntaxin-1B mutation (p.413-7)
Joao Peres, Francisco Antunes, Bilal Zonjy, Anna L. Mitchell, Samden D. Lhatoo
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Article Stimulation-induced ictal vocalisation of left frontal lobe origin (p.418-22)
Leyla Baysal-Kirac, Elisabeth Hartl, Christian Vollmar, Katharina Ernst, Hannah Lohr, Soheyl Noachtar
With Video

Article Electroclinical history of a five-year-old girl with GRIN1-related early-onset epileptic encephalopathy: a video-case study (p.423-7)
Erica Pironti, Francesca Granata, Francesca Cucinotta, Antonella Gagliano, Stephanie Efthymiou, Henry Houlden, Vincenzo Salpietro, Gabriella Di Rosa
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Article Diaper changing-induced reflex seizures in CDKL5-related epilepsy (p.428-33)
Roberta Solazzi, Elena Fiorini, Elena Parrini, Francesca Darra, Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, Gaetano Cantalupo
With Video

Article Genetic (idiopathic) generalized epilepsy with occipital semiology (p.434-9)
Pablo Gómez-Porro, Angel Aledo Serrano, Rafael Toledano, Irene García-Morales, Antonio Gil-Nagel

Article Lacosamide for SCN2A-related intractable neonatal and infantile seizures (p.440-6)
Flor-Hirsch Hadar, Heyman Eli, Livneh Ayelet, Reish Orit, Watemberg Nathan, Litmanovits Ita, Ben Sason Lilli Anat, Lev Dorit, Lerman Sagie Tally, Bassan Haim

Article Ictal SPECT reveals different epileptogenic zones in frontal lobe epilepsy (p.447-50)
Pedro Correia, Christian Vollmar, Jan Rémi, Christian la Fougere, Soheyl Noachtar

Article Refractory epilepsy secondary to anti-GAD encephalitis treated with DBS post SEEG evaluation: a novel case report based on stimulation findings (p.451-6)
Lisa Gillinder, Alexander Lehn, Jason Papacostas, Sarah Olson, Stefan Blum, Sasha Dionisio