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European Journal of Dermatology

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European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 32, issue 1, January-February 2022


Volume 32, issue 1, January-February 2022


En accès libre Infantile bullous pemphigoid (p.3-18)
Emanuele Cozzani, Astrid Herzum, Giulia Gasparini, Gianmaria Viglizzo, Aurora Parodi
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Investigative reports

Article Phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) gene expression in atopic dermatitis patients, before and after treatment with topical mometasone cream (p.19-23)
Hanan Rabea Nada, Laila Ahmed Rashed, Jamila Shehada, Pakinam I.N. Mostafa

Article Calcipotriol inhibits psoriasis-like angiogenic features in K14-VEGF transgenic mice (p.24-33)
Mengke Cao, Lihong Mei, Ming Xiao, Jing Li, Fang Fang

Clinical reports

Article Atopic dermatitis associated with autoimmune, cardiovascular and mental health comorbidities: a systematic review and meta-analysis (p.34-48)
Johanna Chester, Shaniko Kaleci, Serena Liberati, Tatiana Alicandro, Marco Rivi, Laura Bonzano, Mario Guanti, Pietro Andreone, Giovanni Pellacani

Article Tolerance of bradykinin-releasing drugs in patients with acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency: a case series and review of the literature (p.49-55)
Guillaume Escure, Morgane Nudel, Louis Terriou, Meryem-Maud Farhat, David Launay, Delphine Staumont-Salle, Eric Hachulla, Sophie Gautier, Sébastien Sanges

Article Cutaneous manifestations of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm: a retrospective study of morphological and immunophenotypic features (p.70-6)
Ying Zhang, Jingshu Xiong, Siqi Li, Yan Li, Xuebao Shao, Wei Zhang, Xiulian Xu, Yiqun Jiang, Jianfang Sun, Hao Chen

Article Skin manifestations in patients with COVID-19: a prospective observational study during the first wave of the pandemic in the UK and review of the recent literature (p.77-85)
Shivani Parmar, Bernadette De Silva

Article Metabolic syndrome and comorbidities in patients with psoriasis: a community-based case-control study from the Nagahama cohort in Japan (p.86-93)
Yuichiro Endo, Yasuharu Tabara, Takahisa Kawaguchi, Alexandros Onoufriadis, John A. McGrath, Fumihiko Matsuda, Kenji Kabashima

Article Recent emergence of Serratia marcescens in dermatology: retrospective observations based on clinical outpatient data (p.94-8)
Won Seok Roh, Kyung Bae Chung, Do-Young Kim

Article Chronic hand eczema: clinical characterization, aetiology, concomitant foot eczema and polysensitization (p.99-106)
Daniel Lopez-Castillo, Miguel Angel Descalzo, Ferran Olmos-Alpiste, José Armario HITA, Virginia Fernández Redondo, Juan García Gavín, Inmaculada Ruiz Gonzalez, Pedro Mercader García, Javier Sanchez Perez, Juan Francisco Silvestre, Ana María Gimenez-Arnau

Clinical reports

Article Prognostic factors for adult-onset Still disease: a retrospective analysis of 90 patients in China (p.56-63)
Siqi Tan, Ziyan Chen, Yueqi Qiu, Suhan Zhang, Yanshan Zhu, Xiaochao Zhang, Siying LI, Cheng Cao, Yuwen Su, Yu Liu

En accès libre Characterization of chronic itch in college students in China (p.64-9)
Xiaoyu Gu, Juan Su, Juan Tao, Xiaojing Kang, Shijun Shan, Xiaohui Wang, Bin Wu, Yi Xiao, Xiang Chen, Minxue Shen
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Article Prediction of surgical margin width using Mohs micrographic surgery for extramammary Paget's disease based on clinicopathological parameters: classification tree analysis of 150 cases (p.107-12)
Qianxi Li, Guohong Zhang, Xinyu Yao, Shuxia Yang, Ping Tu, Hang Li

En accès libre Recommendations for emollients, bathing and topical corticosteroids for the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a systematic review of guidelines (p.113-23)
Karlijn F Van Halewijn, Thara Lahnstein, Arthur M Bohnen, Pieter J Van Den Berg, Suzanne Gma Pasmans, Patrick Je Bindels, Gijs Elshout
Open Access