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Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

While giving space to review articles and paying more attention to biological aspects, the Bulletin du Cancer maintains a highly scientific clinical and therapeutic approach.
The Bulletin du Cancer is one of the best scientific publications in the French language in the realm of cancerology. It is listed in the leading international databases.
The Bulletin du Cancer is the official organ of the French Cancer Society.
The online version of Bulletin du Cancer is available. All articles published since 1997 can now be accessed online. Recent articles are available by pay per view or by subscription while older ones have free access

Volume 93, issue 8, Août 2006

Electronic Journal of Oncology

En accès libre The role of the hypoxia-inducible factor in tumor metabolism growth and invasion
Christiane Brahimi-Horn, Jacques Pouysségur

En accès libre Challenges in the stratification of breast tumors for tailored therapies
J-P Thiery, X Sastre-Garau, B Vincent-Salomon, X Sigal-Zafrani, JY Pierga, C Decraene, JP Meyniel, E Gravier, B Asselain, Y De Rycke, P Hupe, E Barillot, S Ajaz, M Faraldo, MA Deugnier, M Glukhova, D Medina

En accès libre Recombinant human tumor necrosis factor: an efficient agent for cancer treatment
FJ Lejeune, C Rüegg

En accès libre Usefulness of predictive tests for cancer treatment
R Rosell, M Cuello, F Cecere, M Santarpia, N Reguart, E Felip, M Taron


En accès libre La Société française du cancer a 100 ans en 2006
Jacques Robert, Pierre Verrelle, François Lavelle, Christine Lévy-Piedbois, Christian-Jacques Larsen, Serge Évrard, Jean-Pierre Armand


En accès libre Chemoradiation therapy: a model for treatment optimization in oncology
Françoise Mornex, Nicolas Girard, Paul Van Houtte

En accès libre Brachytherapy for prostate cancer: old concept, new techniques
J-M Cosset, T Flam, N Thiounn, J-C Rosenwald, D Pontvert, M Timbert, S Solignac, L Chauveinc

En accès libre Paleopathology of cancers
PL Thillaud

En accès libre Rational of oncological surgery in multimodality treatment of cancers
Dominique Elias

En accès libre Laparoscopic surgery in gynaecological tumors
Denis Querleu, Éric Leblanc, G Ferron, Fabrice Narducci, P Martel

En accès libre Towards an individualization of systemic treatment of breast tumors
C Bernard-Marty, F Cardoso, C Sotiriou, MJ Piccart

En accès libre Targeted therapies of cancer: not lost in translation
Jean-Yves Blay


En accès libre Standards, Options and Recommendations for the management of procedurerelated pain (lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration or biopsy, blood sampling) in children patients with cancer (summary report)
Claudine Schmitt, Serge Theobald, Nicolas Fabre, Christelle Kasparian, Clotilde Séblain, Philippe Boutard, Lu Mansuy, Perrine Marec-Bérard, Claudie Monvillers, Martine Munzer, Daniel Orbach, Oya Sakiroglu, Gisma Tumerelle, Daniel Annequin, Ricardo Carbajal, Mai Luu, Christine Ricard, Gérard Torloting, Chantal Wood.

Du côté des cancéropôles et de l’INCa

En accès libre ASCO 2006 et médicaments innovants : information INCa

Article original

En accès libre Cost of hospital-based management of acute myeloid leukemia: from analytical to procedure-based tarification
Philippe Fagnoni, Samuel Limat, Estelle Hintzy-Fein, Frédéric Martin, Éric Deconinck, Jean-Yves Cahn, Patrick Arveux, Alain Dussaucy, Marie-Christine Woronoff-Lemsi