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Learn General Practice research. About Autumn School of FAYR GP Volume 14, issue 7, Septembre 2018


1 Secrétaire général de FAYR GP, 286 rue Vendôme, Lyon
2 Présidente de FAYR GP, 286 rue Vendôme, Lyon
  • Key words: research activities, general practice
  • DOI : 10.1684/med.2018.356
  • Page(s) : 329-31
  • Published in: 2018

General Practice is described in health system as particularly well place to know patients and his family and social environment globality.

One-third of general practitioners are ready to participate in a research project in their discipline.

Association between practice experience and theoretical knowledge with research method learning demonstrated a efficacity to practice evidence based medecine and sensitize general practitionner to participate in research project.

Beyond research learning, it is useful to set up primary care research networks and coordinate with existing networks. The aim is to improve the productivity of research and to produce scientific data in primary care.

Since he started, FAYR GP wish created heartily a community of young researchers network an national and international exchange.