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The medical care of asylum seekers Volume 12, issue 9, Novembre 2016


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1 Département de Médecine Générale - Université Paris Diderot
2 Responsable du Programme Santé Migrants des Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
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  • Key words: migrants, healthcare quality assurance
  • DOI : 10.1684/med.2016.135
  • Page(s) : 411-20
  • Published in: 2016

In a context of international mobility and increased migration, it is legitimate to ask the question of a change in the doctor-patient relationship if the latter happens to be a migrant. The Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees is a text of international law which defines both what a refugee is, what their rights are and finally what the obligations of the States who signed it are. The international medical literature may also allow us to gain a more comprehensive and informed perspective to the care of our patients who are asylum seekers. What tools are available to the general practitioner to better understand the asylum procedures and the geopolitical context affecting the health of migrant patients? What interactions are there between culture and quality of care? Based on foreign experiences which tools could inspire us to improve our daily practice in France?