Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Manual Medicine Treatment of Mechanical Compression of the Tibial Nerve, by Musculotendinous Shortening, at the Level of the Postero-internal Compartment of the Lower One Third of the Leg Volume 38, issue 1, Mars 2022


The tibial nerve is the subject of ductal syndromes. The best known are the tarsal tunnel and the ductal syndromes of the plantar arch between the plantar square muscle and the flexor muscles of the toes. The pathway formed by the flexor hallucis and flexor digitorum muscles, the cutaneous level and associated fasciae, in the posteromedial–distal third of the leg, can cause compression of the tibial nerve. Compression factors may not only be related to recognised aetiologies (cysts, haematomas, bone pathology, tumours, etc.) but may also be related to musculotendinous restrictions, with a probable role of the fasciae.