Médecine et chirurgie du pied


The stress fractures of the distal fibula. Report of three cases with literature review Volume 29, issue 1, Mars 2013



The stress fractures are injuries that occur following repeated periodical constraints on a normal bone. They are more common on the lower members; the distal fibula localization is rare and it is estimated lower than 6% of all localizations.

Material and methods

It is about a retrospective study of three cases of stress fractures of distal fibula collected in the archives of the orthopedic department of our hospital. The average age was of 29 years (25–36 years) with a male predominance; in two cases the right ankle was affected. Pain was present in all cases, extending up to threeweeks in two cases and to ten days in one case. The anamnesis helped in the diagnosis, whereas the physical examination was poor. Imaging helped the diagnosis; ultrasound also contributed formally to it on this superficial localization of a bone like distal fibula. The conventional treatment is mainly based on immobilization of ankle by orthosis, avoiding all physical activities and taking rest. Results: The fractures in all cases healed within six to eight weeks.


The new therapeutic modes (stimulation of the osseous consolidation) are under assessment and would be promising to athletes.