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Indications and Results of the Sesamoidectomies: about a Series of 15 Cases Volume 36, issue 4, Décembre 2020


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The results of partial or total sesamoidectomies remain controversial. There are few studies in the literature which evaluate the results of these procedures. Some studies show good clinical results, others are less optimistic and there areis some concerns about the complications after sesamoide bones resection. The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of the sesamoidectomies either isolated, or associated with another local procedure whatever the indication about a series of 16 patients. In this retrospective study we have included all the patients who underwent a medial, lateral or total sesamoidectomy between October 2002 and February 2020. Fifteen patients (15 feets) including 13 females, had a final evaluation. The number of patients in of our series is comparable with that of the series of the literature where the number of cases varies from 5 to 47. Most of our patients had an associated procedure (87%) on the first ray (osteotomy, arthrodesis). The patients have been clinically evaluated and by X-rays. The mean follow-up was 34.5 months. All the patients had good results with a clinical improvement (33%) with the disappearing of the pain in 67% of the cases. According to the AOFAS score, the mean final score was 85.2. The rate of complications of our study is 26.6%, which is comparable to the literature. The resection of the sesamoide bones may give good results with the disappearing of pain and the recovery of the activities.