Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Functional and radiological outcome of ankle fusion. A 33 case report Volume 21, issue 1, Avril 2005


Our study concerned 33 fusions. It was about 12 women and 20 men. The average of age was 46.8 years. Postoperative follow-up was 6.5 years. In 85% of cases, origin of hurts was traumatic, neurological in 6% of cases and primary degenerative in 9% of cases.

Patients underwent preoperative and postoperative clinical and radiological examination. We make functional study of ankle that finds 51.5% of good and very good results. We studied position of the foot in various plans. We also studied effects of ankle fusion on subtalar and midfoot joints by means of radiological views. These joints were seat of degenerative arthritis with aggravation in 73% of cases for subtalar joint with regard to preoperative state. This would entail poor functional result for gravest cases. According to this study and after 10 years of minimum follow-up, it appears that ideal position of fusion is 90° or slight flexum in sagittal plan, some degrees of valgus in frontal plan and external rotation of 10° to 15° to facilitate progress of step.