Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Isolated Fracture of the Posterior Margin of the Tibia: A Forgotten Diagnosis Volume 31, issue 3, Juillet 2015


Traumatic pathology of the foot and ankle is a common reason for emergency department visit. Fractures of the posterior margin of the tibia, formerly called the posterior malleolus fractures are frequents. They are most often associated with other ligament or bone lesions affecting different parts of the ankle and/or foot. Isolated fractures of the posterior margin of the tibia are relatively rare. Their frequency is estimated about 1% of all fractures of the ankle. The occurrence mechanism usually involves a hyperplantar flexion of the foot combined with axial compression of the posterior margin of the slope. We report the clinical case of a patient with a stair fall in whom the diagnosis was secondarily through the X-ray profile ankle in external rotation. The outcome was favorable despite the support of delay.