Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Lateral Subtalar Dislocation: Factor of Irreducibility. Study of Three Cases and Literature Review Volume 33, issue 1, Mars 2017


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The subtalar dislocation is a rare injury especially in its lateral type. The urgency is to reduce dislocation to preserve the functional future of the foot. Some factors make this closed reduction impossible. The purpose of our work, through the study of three clinical cases and especially through an exhaustive review of the literature, is to study the different causes of irreducibility.


We report three cases of irreducible peritalar dislocation and have conducted a systematic review of the literature. We found that the most common cause of irreducibility was the interposition of the posterior tibial tendon (67%), followed by bone's incarceration (21%) and other capsule and tendon elements (12%).


Several anatomical factors hinder the reduction of lateral subtalar dislocations. Their knowledge will allow a quick and effective management of this injury.