Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Surgery of tarsal tunnel syndrom. Report of twenty eight cases Volume 21, issue 1, Avril 2005


Tarsal tunnel syndrom is rare.

The serie have 7 men for 21 women. The pain is always present. Two patients have a nerve release anterior. Six have brooken before.

With the electrodiagnostic we have 11 cases of tarsal tunnel, 17 cases secondary et 16 compressions of division branch.

Surgery is a nerve release.

The result about 3 years is no pain in 22% cases, normal walk 26 cases. Electrodiagnostic have 2 recidives and 6 not total.

Global result is 19 good and very good, 6 poor, 3 bad.

Subjectif result is 78% of good.

The results are better when the branch are rehased. We have good result after brooken. Young age is a good result.

First tretment in medical. If you have a bad result you make surgery with 70% of good result in our serie.