Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Comparison between Two Models of Postoperative Shoes in Hallux Valgus Surgery Volume 36, issue 1, Mars 2020


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Many therapeutic postoperative shoes are available on the market to avoid weight bearing on the forefoot. The shoes with posterior bearing lead to a postural imbalance and that is why we have now used shoes with flat sole. The aim of this study is to evaluate and compare the interest of two models of postoperative therapeutic shoes proposed after surgery for hallux valgus.

Material and method

We have conducted a prospective comparative randomized study from January 2018 to February 2019 including 45 patients (47 feet) with mild or moderated symptomatic hallux valgus. Two models of postoperative shoes were studied: the CHV SOBER® shoe (Laboratoire SOBER, France) and the HALTEN® shoe (Laboratoire Podonov, France). All patients underwent a distal Chevron osteotomy of the first metatarsal and an Akin osteotomy of the first phalanx. Postoperative instructions were standardized. The shoes were prescribed for one month. The clinical follow-up was done at day 10, 30 and 90. The pain was evaluated by analog visual scale. The edema and satisfaction were also evaluated. The AOFAS score was realized in the preoperative time and at day 90. The compliance and back pain were also noticed. The angular correction, the bone healing and a secondary displacement were studied by control X-rays at day 30 and 90.


No difference was observed between the two groups regarding to the edema at one month (P = 0.48) and at three months (P = 0.34). The AOFAS's score at day 90 increased of 26 ± 2 points in the SOBER® group and of 24.2 ± 2 in the HALTEN® group (P = 0.6). The compliance was statically better in the HALTEN® shoe (= 0.002). The satisfaction score was identical in the two groups. X-rays showed the same results.


The HALTEN® shoe has allowed a better compliance while having the same clinical results compared to the SOBER® shoe.