Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Percutaneous Surgery of Hallux Valgus: Medicolegal Aspects Volume 32, issue 1, Mars 2016


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The objective of this study was to evaluate the malpractice claims related to percutaneous surgery of the hallux valgus using the insurance database of MIC–Branchet specialized in professional civil liability during the last 10 years.

Material and method

We identified 21 cases of claims in relation with percutaneous surgery among a total of 136 claims for hallux valgus including all techniques.


All patients were female. The mean age was 48.3 (19–73 years). The courts of law were “commissions de conciliation et d'indemnisation” (CCI) in 9 cases and “tribunaux de grande instance” (TGI) in 12 cases. Complications in relation with the claims were: insufficient results in 6 cases, stiffness of the MTA in 3 cases, algodystrophy in 3 cases, hallux varus in 2 cases, infection in 2 cases, hallux flexor tendon rupture in 2 cases, metatarsal nonunion in 2 cases, and osteonecrosis of the metatarsal head in 1 case. Surgeons were exonerated in 16 cases. A technical fault was held in 4 cases and lack of information in 1 case (stiffness of the MTA).

Discussion and conclusion

It is necessary to know the specific outcomes and complications of hallux valgus percutaneous surgery to inform patients before surgery and to reduce medicolegal procedures. An adaptive and specific information must be delivered before surgery.