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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 41, issue 3, Septembre 2022


Volume 41, issue 3, Septembre 2022

Éditorial / Editorial

En accès libre The “specials” are also French: a fairy tale! (p.97-8)
Valérie Salomon, Claude Bernard, Pascal Odou, Fabrice Pirot
Free Access

Retour d’expériences / Feedback

Article The User Club of pharmaceutical robots: the importance of sharing experience in automation drug distribution (p.99-100)
Gilles Vitale, Sophie Armand Branger, Pascale Cherrier, Valérie Vailland, François Xavier Chedhomme, Anne-Lise Tesson Lecoq, Olivier Canon

Retour d’expériences : Spécial T-REX / Feedback: Special T-REX

Article The T-Rex approach: a talent incubator for hospital pharmacy, the example of Center Val de Loire-Ilede-France (p.101-2)
Rémy Collomp, Marc Frachette

Article Impact of clinical pharmacy development in the accounting restatement of hospital pharmacies (p.103-9)
Maxime Leonardi, Morgane Weiland, Muriel Taïeb, Patrick Garriguet, Marie Korostelev, Patrick Beauverie

En accès libre Prioritization of high iatrogenic risk prescriptions for pharmaceutical analysis with the PharmaClass® software (p.110-2)
Hugo Palisson, Rym Darwich, Anaëlle Olivo, Marie-Camille Chaumais, Éric Paoli, Éric Adnet, Sylvain Drouot
Open Access

Article Integrated care program of patients treated with oral targeted therapies: assessment at 3 years (p.113-5)
Laura Foucault-Fruchard, Virginie André, Chloé Pichon, Gaëlle Glevarec, Daniel Antier

Article Pharmaceutical cooperation between hospital pharmacy and community pharmacies (p.116-8)
Julie Bissonnier, Stéphane Drouard

Article Optimization of the therapeutic management of heart failure patients through medication reconciliation (p.119-20)
Nadine Al Ghazzi, Dounia Malac, Francis Fauvelle, Olivier Nallet

Article e-Comedims: A new era for hospital decision commissions (p.121-3)
Mohamed Lamine Diallo, Marc Coquand, Yann Felez

Article Collaborative design of a self-evaluation tool for the medication reconciliation process (p.124-5)
Dimitri Ancedy, Lucas Diradourian, Claire Lambert de Cursay, Sandrine Roy, Rémy Collomp, Hélène Eychenié

Article Exploring new organizational solutions in radiopharmacy: Challenges and opportunities (p.126-8)
Dimitri Ancedy, Louis-Paul Paty, Sandy Blondeel-Gomes, Marie-Dominique Desruet, Hélène Eychenie

Article Application of Kanban system on a chemo centralized compounding unit (p.129-30)
Ngoc Vo, Garance Guey, Assia Mitha, Patricia Dacquay, Hail Aboudagga

Article Re-engineering of the chemo compounding process in a comprehensive cancer care center (p.131-3)
Mathilde Roche, Assia Mitha, Pages Arnaud, Romain Desmaris, Nadia Aguini, Hail Aboudagga

Article Hospital pharmacist technicians: a key player to sustain medication reconciliation process (p.134-5)
Majd El Halaby, Velislava Tsvetanova, Louis Fourcaud, Danielle Rodin, Isabelle Debrix, Florence Federspiel

Article The procurement of hospital-based pharmacies in french overseas departments and collectivities (p.136-8)
Mathilde Roche, Dimitri Ancedy, Nathalie Célerier, Katy Foulmann-Dondin, Axelle François-Saint-Cyr, Hélène Eychenié

Article Development of a 20% cord blood serum eye drops (p.139-41)
Alessandra Hinic, Marie-Laure Brandely-Piat, Marion Jobard, François Chast, Rui Batista