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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 40, issue 2, Juin 2021


Volume 40, issue 2, Juin 2021

Éditorial ' Editorial

En accès libre Drug repositionning: CSIS can help us ! (p.59)
Jean-Marc Dubaele, Maxime Annereau
Open Access

Articles originaux ' Original articles

Article COVID-19 pandemic in a canadian hospital: impact on physical distancing at work and telework (p.61-8)
Geneviève Brassard, Sophie-Camille Hogue, Flora Chen, Denis Lebel, Suzanne Atkinson, Maxime Thibault, Jean-François Bussières

Article Analysis of the vaccination coverage of French residents and its determinants: results of the first national questionnaire (p.69-80)
Lélia Abad, Louis Bertin, Charlotte Doudet, Florian Colrat

Article Criteria for choosing a robot for injectable chemotherapy preparations (p.81-7)
Annabelle Angapin, Hail Aboudagga, Alexandre Hyvert, André Rieutord, Romain Desmaris

Article Heterogeneity of pharmaceutical analysis practices: what solutions to limit it? (p.88-96)
Antoine Gougeard, Julie Martinez, Charlotte Malbranche, Christelle Prudent

Article Oral midazolam: useful in treating anxiety associated with daily care in care homes (p.97-105)
Loïc Le Teurnier, Nadège Rivalland, Julie Thiec, Marie Lamandé-Pan, Joachim Lelievre

Cas clinique ' Clinical case

Article Collagenous colitis induced by an unintentional change of proton pump inhibitor: medication reconciliation as a preventive measure? (p.106-11)
Antoine Bérar, Benoît Hue, Jean-Sébastien Allain, Louise Triquet, Marie-Noëlle Osmont, Bruno Turlin, Patrick Jego, Dominique Somme, Lilian Alix