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Psychotherapy of a chronic hallucinated patient Volume 94, issue 9, Novembre 2018

Psychiatre, praticien hospitalier, psychanalyste, membre de la Société psychanalytique de Paris, directeur du Centre de psychanalyse É. et J. Kestemberg, Association de santé mentale dans le 13e arrondissement de Paris, 11, rue Albert Bayet, 75013 Paris, France
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The term psychotherapy currently has a considerable extension, and at the same time is submitted to process of systematization and codification. This codification does not take into account the psychotherapy of the current practice even though it is used with most patients. The determination of the common basis of any psychotherapy assumes the principle that the human psyche is an apparatus or function of the organism, producing a certain work, and whose birth, maintenance and change require the contribution of other human psyches. From then on, the common basis of any psychotherapy appears as an operation of shared psychic work for therapeutic purposes.

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