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Mémoire et autisme : de la neuropsychologie à la psychanalyse. Le cas de Cherechevski Volume 81, issue 9, Novembre 2005

* Maître de conférences à l’université de Bretagne occidentale (UBO), Psychologue clinicien au centre Ty ar Gwenan pour adolescents à Lesneven et à l’antenne de Brest du centre d’examens de santé de la caisse primaire des Côtes d’Armor, Psychanalyste, Brest, 13A, rue Albert-Thibaudet, 29200 Brest

Memory and autism: from neuropsychology to psychoanalysis. The case of Cherechevski.On the basis of recent psychoanalytical investigations on autism, the author reconsiders the question of memory with reference to a treatise on experimental research by Luria, a well-known Russian neuropsychologist. He shows that the mnemonic phenomena studied derive entirely from the autistic structure of the subject, Cherechevski. He also shows how, on a methodological level, this experimental research, which lasted thirty years, contributed much – without the researcher realising nor drawing the consequences – to the hypertrophied promotion and organization of these phenomena in Cherechevski under the aspect of the mnemonist as an autistic double favoured and supported, despite himself, by another double embodied in the person of the experimental scientist.