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Lithium et suicide : effet préventif dans les troubles bipolaires Volume 83, issue 9, novembre 2007

ISPO, Université Victor Segalen, 33076 Bordeaux Cedex, Hôpital Charles Perrens, 121, rue de la Béchade, 33076 Bordeaux

Lithium and suicide: the preventive effect in bipolar disorders.Suicide is the most dramatic complication in the course of bipolar disorders. Up to 15% of bipolar patients are at risk of suicidal death, if not receving a correct treatment by mood stabilizers. Several long term studies of cohort of patients confirm that receiving regular lithium treatment for many years reduce considerably the suicidal risk. It could also reduce the risk for tardive dementia. A direct anti-suicidal effect could explain this lithium effect as fare as the other mood stabilizer treatments do not have a similar effect. This article review the evidence of this lithium preventive property.